​   The Winners!The Winners!

Congratulations to our October Winners of the two $250 Outlets at Louisiana Boardwalk Gift Cards:

      Annatrenish Hampton Buffalo Wild Wings (10/5) 

                   Megan Gaddy  Nike  (10/11)  


               Winners must be currently employed at the Boardwalk on the official date the prize is awarded in order 

              to be eligible to win.  The decision of Boardwalk Management, per the terms of the Program, is final.                                                                      Program ends December 31, 2014.  


    The Winner of the Monthly $250 Gift Cards are:

                       Richard Wisher  Crocs  

                    Bethany Couch  Maurices


        12/31    Miranda Young  Nike

        12/30    Richard Wisher  Crocs   

        12/29    No Winner  

        The Weekly Winner is Sarah Tice  Nike


        12/28    No Winner

        12/27    Sarah Trice  Nike

        12/26    Steven Hakes  Bath & Body Works

        12/25    Christmas Day-No Winner

        12/24    Anthony Gibson  Build A Bear

        12/23    No Winner

        12/22    Brittany Madden Buffalo Wild Wings  

   The Weekly Winner is Alyussa Tuggle-Cold Stone

        12/21    No Winner

        12/20    Alyussa Tuggle  Cold Stone Creamery

        12/19    Courtney Hilburn  Nike

        12/18    Jodie Bush  Auntie Anne's Pretzels

        12/17    Noah Riggs  Nike

        12/16    Samantha Reynolds  Bath & Body Wks.

        12/15    Ashlyn Keith  Torrid  

       The Weekly Winner is Tanya Morris-Hooters!

        12/14    Tanya Morris  Hooters 

        12/13    Tommy Dill  Margaritaville

        12/12    Harvis Pullig  Margaritaville

        12/11    Bethanie Couch  Maurice's

        12/10    No Winner

        12/9      Scott Downing  Crocks

        12/8      No Winner  

     The Weekly Winner is Ruth Criddle of Nike!

        12/7   Lydia Farruya  Coach

        12/6   Paul Behan  Margaritaville

        12/5   Steven Hakes  Bath & Body Works

        12/4   Ruth Criddle  Nike

        12/3   LaNelda Scott  University of Phoenix

        12/2   Joe Duhon  Nike

        12/1   Carlesha Bryant  The Children's Place

The Monthly $250 Gift Card Winners for November:                       Sarwat Kahn  J.Crew

          Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear                                        Congratulations!

 The Weekly winner is Breahn Pringle of Osh Koss!

      11/30   Kendall McCullough   Nike

      11/29   Katie Hoppe  Nike

      11/28   Scott Downing   Crocs

      11/27   No Winner

      11/26   Breahn Pringle  Osh Koss B Gosh

      11/25   Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear

      11/24   No Winner

        The Weekly Winner is Carlesha Bryant  

                        The Children's Place!

      11/23   Jenna Jarvis  Torrid

      11/22   Arju Scot   Maurice's

      11/21   Anthony Gibson   Build A Bear

      11/20   Carlesha Bryant  The Children's Place

      11/19   No winner

      11/18   Anthony Gibson   Build A Bear

      11/17   Ashlyn Keith   Torrid  

             The Weekly Winner is Elizabeth Potvin-                                     Margaritaville!


      11/16   Sarwat Kahn   J.Crew

      11/15   No Winner

      11/14   Elizabeth Potvin  Margaritaville

      11/13   Tyler Gredron  Coach 

      11/12   Lisa Dumas  Old Farmer's Almanac 

      11/11   David Dupree  Nike

      11/10   Chassity Suttle  Osh Kosh

      Weekly winner is  Sarwat Khan  J.Crew!  

        11/9   No winner

        11/8   No winner

        11/7   Sarwat Khan  J.Crew

        11/6   Brandon Fontineau  Nike

        11/5   Laura Williams  Nike

        11/4   Bria Wright  Torrid 

        11/3   Lisa Dumas  Old Farmers Almanac 

Weekly winner is Adrienne Byrd-Earthbound Trading 

        11/2   Jenna Jarvis  Torrid

        11/1   No Winner

        10/31 Jacqueline Wisely   Build A Bear

        10/30 Kassidy Robideaux   Nike 

        10/29 Brandon Fontineau  Nike

        10/28 Adrienne Byrd  Earthbound Trading Co.

        10/27 Scott Downing   Crocs


Weekly Winner is Robert Leyendecker-Margaritaville

        10/26 No Winner

        10/25 Haley Shoebridge   Torrid

        10/24 No Winner

        10/23 Steven Hakes  Bath & Body Works         

        10/22 Brittany McDonald   Maurices

        10/21 Robert Leyendecker  Margaritaville

        10/20 No Winner 


      Weekly Winner is Erin Bullard  Build A Bear

        10/19  Jana Petry  Coach

        10/18  No Winner

        10/17  No Winner

        10/16  Jessie Flores, Jr.  Nike

        10/15  Taneisha Hardman  Auntie Anne's

        10/14  Alaina Douchet  Buffalo Wild Wings

        10/13  Erin Bullard  Build A Bear  Weekly

        Winner is Justin Gray  Wilson Leather


        10/12  Jacqueline Wisely  Build A Bear

        10/11  Megan Gaddy   Nike

        10/10  Benjamin Simon  Margaritaville

         10/9   Arju Scott  Maurice's

         10/8   Justin Gray  Wilson Leather

         10/7   Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear

         10/6   Mark Credeur  Nike

      Weekly Winner is Courtney Hilburn  Nike


          10/5  Annatrenisha Hampton BWW 

          10/4  April Ward  Torrid

          10/3  Benjamin Simon  Margaritaville 

          10/2  Courteny Hilburn  Nike

          10/1  Annatrenisha Hampton

          9/30  No Winner

          9/29   Arju Scott  Maurice's 


       Weekly Winner is Chelsea Giles-Torrid

          9/28   No Winner

          9/27   Ashley Akin  Build A Bear

          9/26   Jordan Day  Torrid

          9/25   Jessie Flores Jr.  Nike

          9/24   Taneisha Hardman  Auntie Anne's

          9/23   Alaina Doucet  Buffalo Wild Wings

          9/22   Chelsea Giles  Torrid  The Weekly


       Weekly Winner is Tommy Dill-Margaritaville!


          9/21  Tommy Dill  Margaritaville 

          9/20  Mark Credeur  Nike

          9/19  Jenna Jarvis  Torrid

          9/18  Scott Downing  Crocs

          9/17  DeShyne Hall  Bath & Body Works

          9/16  Ashley Keith  Torrid

          9/15  LaTonya Montgomery  Cumulus 


         The Weekly Winner is Bridget Brown-Nike!

          9/14   Steven Hokes Bath & Body Works

          9/13   Jodie Bush  Auntie Anne's

          9/12   Shaunesly Connally  Coach

          9/11   Scott Downing  Crocs  

          9/10   No Winner

            9/9   Brooke Farquhar  Bath & Body Works

            9/8   Bridget Brown  Nike 

   The Weekly Winner is Harvis Pullig-Margaritaville!


            9/7   Shaletha Arthur  Wilson's Leather

            9/6   No Winner

            9/5   Harvis Pullig  Margaritaville

            9/4   Kay Dimmett  Papaya

            9/3   LaQuishonna Riley  Copelands Bistro

            9/2   No Winner

            9/1   Tyler Gendron  Coach

   The Weekly Winner is Jerry Keuise  Croc's*        

           8/31   Brianna McCoy  Nike

           8/30   DeShayne Hall  Bath & Body Works

           8/29   Jerry Keuise   Croc's

           8/28   Adrienne Byrd  Earthbound

           8/27   LaDosheia Williams Copelands Bistro  

           8/26   Samantha Reynolds  Bath & Body

           8/25   Steven Hakes  Bath & Body Works


The Weekly Winner is Anna Hanegan - Margaritaville

           8/24   Anna Hampton  Buffalo Wild Wings

           8/23   Kristie Mills  Maurice's

           8/22   No Winner

           8/21    Brittany Wills Buffalo Wild Wings

           8/20    Anna Hanegan  Margaritaville

           8/19  Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear 

           8/18  LaDosheia Williams  Cheesecake Bistro

  The Weekly Winner is Tyler Gendron of Coach!

           8/17  Ashley Leejay  Bath & Body Works

           8/16  Panzy Salter  Buffalo Wild Wings

           8/15  LaQuishonna Riley  Copelands Bistro

           8/14  Jessica Scott  Papaya 

           8/13  Brooke Farquhar  Bath & Body Works

           8/12  Tyler Gendron  Coach

           8/11  Cassandra White  Maurice's

The Weekly Winner is Jodie Bush of Auntie Anne's

           8/10  Rebecca Lange  Build A Bear     

           8/9    Anna Hanegan  Margaritaville

           8/8    Kalyn Shorter  Nike

           8/7    Randi Brown  Fuddruckers

           8/6    Adrienne Byrd  Earthbound Trading Co.

           8/5    Joehesha Allen  Bath & Body Works

           8/4    Jodie Bush  Auntie Anne's Pretzels


The Weekly Winner is Shaletha Arthur-Bath & Body

           8/3    Megan Debusk  No Clothes 

           8/2    Shaletha Arthur  Bath & Body Works

           8/1    Sam Thomas  Buffalo Wild Wings

         7/31    Reola Woods Buffalo Wild Wings

         7/30    Kimberlie Smalley  The Children's Place

         7/29    Erica Milton  Nike

          7/28    Jenna Jarvis  Torrid 

The Weekly Winner is Larry Wheeler-Fantastic!

         7/27  Ashlyn Keith  Torrid

         7/26  Larry Wheeler  Fantastic

         7/25  Mark Herrington  Margaritaville

         7/24  No Winner 

         7/23  Justin Gay  Wilson's Leather

         7/22  Lisa Dumas  Old Farmer's Almanac

         7/21  No Winner 

     Weekly Winner is Arju Scott- Maurices!

         7/20  Logan Robertson-Nike

         7/19  No Winner.

         7/18  Brianna McCoy-Nike

         7/17  No Winner

         7/16  Courtney Hilburn-Nike

         7/15  Rachel Ray-Maurices

         7/14  Arju Scott-Maurices 

         The Weekly Winner is Josh Ferester-

                      Buffalo Wild Wings

         7/13  Josh Ferester- Buffalo Wild Wings

         7/12  Channing Hodnet-Torrid

         7/11  Ellen Bullard-Build A Bear

         7/10  Bethany Couch-Maurice's

           7/9  Marcus Scott-Copeland's

           7/8  Kallie Bryant-Torrid

           7/7  Brittany McDonald-Maurice's  The

         Weekly Winner is Krista Clark-UOP!

           7/6  Karla Cruz-Nike

           7/5  Channing Hodnutt-Torrid

           7/4  Daniel Fabr-Wet Seal

           7/3  No Winner

           7/2  Jessie Flores, Jr.-Nike

           7/1  Krista Clark-University of Phoenix

         6/30  Benjamin Simon-Margaritaville

No weekly winner. Name drawn is no longer employed at Louisiana Boardwalk:(.     

         6/29  April Ward-Torrid

         6/28  Marcus Scott-Copeland's

         6/27  Josh Forester-Buffalo Wild Wings

         6/26  David Dupree- Nike

         6/25  Ashley Leejay-Bath & Body Works

         6/24  Brittany Madden-Buffalo Wild Wings

         6/23  Benjamin Simon-Margaritaville


The Weekly Winner is Millie Smithson-Margaritaville!

         6/22  Reola Woods-Buffalo Wild Wings

         6/21  Kendall Cordell-Nike 

         6/20  Mille Smithson-Margaritaville

         6/19  No Winner

         6/18  LaTonya Montgomery-Cumulus

         6/17  Kalyn Shorter  Nike

         6/16  DeShayne Hall-Bath & Body Works

The Weekly Winner is Moiquita Black-Nike!        

         6/15  Moiquita Black-Nike

         6/14  Haley Register  Wet Seal

         6/13  Hannah Yell  Nike

         6/12  Raudrick Hall  Nike

         6/11  Hanah Yell  Nike

         6/10  Kallie Bryant  Torrid

         6/9    No Winner

   The Weekly Winner is Megan Debusk-No Clothes!

         6/8   Megan DeBusk  No Clothes

         6/7   Jue Durton  Nike

         6/6   Corissa Griffin  Fuddruckers

         6/5   Logan Robertson  Nike

         6/4   Clara Steingart  Nike

         6/3   No Winner

         6/2   Bethany Lester  Bath & Body Works

    Weekly Winner is Randi Brown-Fuddruckers        

         6/1    Megan Gaddy  Nike

         5/31   Erica Milton  Nike  

         5/30   Joseph Wiggins  Nike

         5/29   Randi Brown  Fuddruckers

         5/28   Hannah Yell  Nike

         5/27   No Winner

         5/26   Jordan Mullaney  Torrid 

Weekly Winner is Ashley Plummer-Eastbound Trading

         5/25   No Winner

         5/24   No Winner      

         5/23   No Winner

         5/22   Bridget Brown  Nike

         5/21   Ashley Plummer  Eastbound Trading Co.

         5/20   Sherry Hughes  Papaya

         5/19   Beth Annaud  Bath & Body Works


The Weekly Winner is Katherine Valencia-Maurices        

         5/18   No Winner

         5/17   Mark Herrington  Margaritaville

         5/16   No Winner

         5/15   Jessica Lang  Old Farmers Almanac

         5/14   Raudrick Hall  Nike

         5/13   Katherine Valencia  Maurices

         5/12   Erin Ross  Buffalo Wild Wings


The Weekly Winner is Brittany Fielder-Papaya

         5/11   Brittany Fielder  Papaya

         5/10   No Winner

         5/9     No Winner

         5/8   Katherine Bain  Papaya

         5/7   Erin Ross  Buffalo Wild Wings

         5/6   Shalamar Yarber  Nike

         5/5   Moquita Black  Nike


The Weekly Winner is Janet Steingart  Nike!

         5/4   Lewis Frazier  Nike

         5/3   Larry Wheeler  Fantastic!

         5/2   Jessie Flores, Jr.  Nike

         5/1   Samantha Reynolds  Bath & Body Works

         4/30   Janet Steingart  Nike

         4/29   Joseph Wiggins  Nike

         4/28   No Winner

 The Weekly Winner is  Jordan Day  Torrid!      

         4/27   DeShyne Hall  Bath & Body Works

         4/26   Joe Duhon  Nike

         4/25   No Winner.

         4/24   Jeremy Wood  Buffalo Wild Wings

         4/23   Jordan Day  Torrid

         4/22   Kim Dimmett  Papaya

         4/21   No Winner

The Weekly Winner is Brittany Wells, Buffalo Wild Wings!

         4/20   No Winner

         4/19   David Park  Margaritaville

         4/18   Jerry Kruise  Crocs

         4/17   Kimberly Temple Build A Bear

         4/16   Stacy Parks  Maurice's

         4/15   Natasha Scott  Buffalo Wild Wings

         4/14   Brittany Wells  Buffalo Wild Wings

Weekly Winner is Robert Leyendecker-Margaritaville!

         4/13   Jessica Scott  Papaya

         4/12   Stephanie Dykes  Build A Bear

         4/11   Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear

         4/10   Kathy Simmons  Gold Toe Socks

         4/9    Dorothy Binder  Chocolate Crocodile

         4/8    Robert Leyendecker  Margaritaville

         4/7    Katherine Valencia  Maurice's


                  Weekly winner is Reola Woods 

                          Buffalo Wild Wings!       

         4/6    Michael Rigby  Carter's

         4/5    No Winner

         4/4    No Winner

         4/3    Jatarie Huggins  The Children's Place

         4/2    Ashley Plummer  Earthbound Trading Co

         4/1    Reola Woods  Buffalo Wild Wings

         3/31  No Winner

Weekly winner is Kindall Null  Justice!

         3/30   Kirste Mills  Maurice's

         3/29   No Winner

         3/28   Kindall Null  Justice and Carters

         3/27   Kenya Clarke  The Children's Place

         3/26   Lonnia Sanders  Buffalo Wild Wings

         3/25   Robert Zablonski  Margaritaville

         3/24   Lisa Dumas  Old Farmer's Almanac

Weekly Winner is Nick Cash-Wilson's Leather!

         3/23   Nick Cash Wilson's Leather

         3/22   Alyssa Tuggle  Cold Stone Creamery

         3/21   Jacqueline Wisely  Build A Bear

         3/20   Samantha Reynolds  Bath & Body Works

         3/19   No Winner

         3/18   Michael Rigby  Carters

         3/17   Charles Johnson  Chocolate Crocodile

Weekly Winner is Ashley Leejay-Bath & Body Works

         3/16   No Winner

         3/15   Kenya Clark  Children's Place

         3/14   Latonya Montgomery  Cumulus

         3/13   No Winner

         3/12   Bruce Beltz  Lilah's Bakery

         3/11   Natasha Scott  Buffalo Wild Wings

         3/10   Ashley Leejay  Bath & Body Works 


The Weekly Winner is Jessica Ferrell, Old Farmer's Almanac

         3/9    Keyna Clark  The Children's Place

         3/8    No Winner

         3/7    Brooke Farquhar  Bath & Body Works

         3/6    No Winner

         3/5    Ambrielle Rison  University of Pheonix

         3/4    Eva Coleman  Children's Place

         3/3    Jessica Ferrell  Old Farmers Almanac 

The Weekly Winner is Ashley Akin  Build A Bear

         3/2    Bryant Culotta  Carters.

         3/1    Ashley Akin  Build A Bear 

         2/28  Dorothy Binder. Chocolate Crocodile

         2/27  Monica Busenbarrick. Build A Bear

         2/26  Jenna Jarvis  Bath & Body Works

         2/25  Amber Dunson  Destiny Day Spa

         2/24  Jenna Jarvis  Bath & Body Works


The weekly winner is Allison Jackson-Wet Seal!  

         2/23  Darrell Williams  The Children's Place

         2/22  Millie Smithson  Margaritaville

         2/21  Pamela Thomas Fuddruckers

         2/20  Allison Jackson  Wet Seal

         2/19  Kindall Null  Justice

         2/18  LaNelda Scott  University of Phoenix
         2/17  Rebecca Lange  Build A Bear Workshop

   The weekly winner is Brittany McDonald-Maurice's!

          2/16  Brittany McDonald  Maurice's

          2/15  Bethanie Couch  Maurice's

          2/14  No Winner

          2/13  No Winner

          2/12  Kymberli Temple  Build A Bear

          2/11  No Winner

          2/10  Eva Coleman  Children's Place


The Weekly Winner is Carlesha Bryant-Children's Place. !

          2/9    Carlesha Bryant  Children's Place
          2/8    Jessica Farrell  Old Farmers Almanac

          2/7    Nicholas Cash  Gold Toe

          2/6    Reola Woods  Buffalo Wild Wings.

          2/5    Jordan Day  Justice For Girls

          2/4    Cassandra White  Maurices's

          2/3    Rachel Ray  Maurices

          The Weekly Winner is:

          William Waldrip-Saltgrass Steakhouse!    

          2/2    No Winner

          2/1    Chelsea Giles  Justice

          1/31   Kathy Simmons  Gold Toe

          1/30   William Waldrip  Saltgrass Steakhouse

          1/29   Kimberly Houston  Wet Seal

          1/28   Clara Mintur  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/27   Lenelda Scott  University of Phoenix

            The Weekly Winner is Brad Edwards of     



          1/26   David Parke-Margaritaville

          1/25   Brad Edwards  Margaritaville

          1/24   Dewanna Battle  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/23   Ambrielle Riser  University of Phoenix

          1/22   Charles Johnson  Chocolate Crocodile

          1/21   Amber White  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/20   Jerry Kruise  Crocs

   The Weekly Winner is Corissa Griffin-Fuddruckers

          1/19   Ashley Akin  Build A Bear

          1/18   Corissa Griffin    Fuddruckers

          1/17   Danielle Larned  Earthbound Trading

          1/16   Savannah Fox  Earthbound Trading Co.

          1/15   No Winner

          1/14   Melissa Reeves Destiny Day Spa            
          1/13   No Winner

 Weekly Winner is Jessica Alvarenga-Orange Leaf!


          1/12   Lonnia Sanders  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/11   Haley Register  Wet Seal

          1/10   Samuel Thomas  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/9     No Winner

          1/8     Beverly Strawther  Wet Seal

          1/7     Monica Busenbarrick  Build A Bear

          1/6     Jessica Alvarenga  Orange Leaf

Weekly Winner: Mason McArthur Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/5     Mason McArthur  Buffalo Wild Wings

          1/4     Darrell Williams  Children's Place

          1/3     Lilly Thompson  Maurices

          1/2     Amber Dunson  Destiny Day Spa

          1/1     Kirstie Mills  Maurice's

                             12/31  Casandra White  Maurice's

                             12/30  Afton Hernandez  Wet Seal 

Weekly Winner: Kathryn Treadawy -Destiny Day Spa

                                12/29   Bianna Fatherene  Fuddruckers

          12/28   Xavier Edwards Margaritaville

          12/27   Jacqueline Wisley  Build A Bear

          12/26   Taylor Goff  Papaya

          12/25   Merry Christmas-No Winner Today

          12/24   Bruce Bletz  Lilah's Bakery

          12/23   Kathryn Treadaway  Destiny Day Spa

The latest weekly winner is Jessica Scott, Papaya!

          12/22   No Winner.

          12/21   Jeremy Wood  Buffalo Wild Wings

          12/20   Robert Zadlonski  Margaritaville

          12/19   Krista Clark  University of Phoenix

          12/18   Brandon Hughes  Orange Leaf

          12/17   Jessica Scott  Papaya

          12/16   Amanda Smith  Earthbound

The latest weekly winner is Paul Farnham at Cumulus Broadcasting. Congratulations!

          12/15   Ashley Akin  Build A Bear

          12/14   No Winner

          12/13   Faith Darden   Destiny Spa

          12/12   Laquita Chambers  Buffalo Wild Wings

          12/11   Justin Gay  Rue 21

          12/10   Bob Leyendecker   Margaritaville

          12/09   Paul Farnham    Cumulus Broadcasting


 Our first December Weekly Winner is Michael Ross 

 from Hooters!

          12/08   No Winner

          12/07   No Winner

          12/06   Michael Ross        Hooters

          12/05   William Waldrip   Saltgrass

          12/04   Stephanie Dykes   Build A Bear

          12/03   No Winner

          12/02   Amanda Dawson   Earthbound Trading 


Fourth Weekly Winner is Danielle Faber-Wet Seal 

          12/01   Jordan Lemoine      Fantastic!

          11/30   Patricia Mitchell     Margaritaville

          11/29   Brittany Sturdivant Fantastic!

          11/28   Thanksgiving Day-No Award

          11/27   Pamela Thomas      Fuddruckers

          11/26   Danielle Faber       Wet Seal

          11/25   Neoki Brooks          Wet Seal 

Third Weekly Winner is Nicholas Cash - Gold Toe

Second Weekly Winner is Hailey Daggett - Maurices

First Weekly Winner is Larry Wheeler - Fantastic! 


The new Parking Program has lots of prize winners! Daily winners...weekly winners...and two very lucky winners each month will each receive a $250 Outlets at Louisiana Boardwalk Gift Card! Check out boardwalkinfo.com daily to find out the names of the latest winners.

You can be a winner too!! Simply place your employee parking sticker in you windshield just above the state inspection sticker and park on the third or forth levels of the Parking Garage. Get ready to win!