Updated 9:15 AM CDT May 10, 2019

Did you receive the Red Flag Notification for the Tornado Warning Wednesday 5/8? If not, please contact the Boardwalk Management Office so we can update our records ASAP!

Did you know that one of the top objections our potential customers cite for NOT shopping at LA Boardwalk is parking? 

Did you know that each Tenant Lease has a provision that requires Tenant Employees to park in the areas designated by the Landlord?  The Landlord designates that all Tenant Employees will park beyond the white lines on the Surface Parking Areas and on floors 3 and 4 of the Parking Garage.

Should Employees be found parking outside of these areas, the Tenant (not the employee) may be billed $10 per vehicle per day for improper parking.

Our goal, of course,is not to collect fines but rather is to provide the best/closest spaces to our customers. Please help us to help you bring in more customers and greater sales! Educate your staff on where they are supposed to park. Require them to park in the the Landlord specified areas each and every day, regardless of when their shift begins.  

Lets save the best parking spaces for our customers!

...and speaking of parking...

Courtyard by Marriott Parking

All managers should warn their staff that any vehicles found in the Courtyard Hotel parking lot without a guest hang tag will be subject to towing by Courtyard's management.  

Did you know that a member of Boardwalk Management is on site every Saturday?  If you have any issues, please call and ask for the Manager on Duty any Saturday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM. 318.752.1455.

​Thank you.


Bill McFadden

General Manager

​Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets