Special Tenant Information Page
The purpose of this page is to provide timely information to you, the Tenants and Employees of The Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets.
When necessary, this page will be updated by the Shopping Center Management to provide you information regarding weather events, utility issues or other events that may have a negative impact on your business here at Louisiana Boardwalk.  You should refer here for official notifications from the Landlord's representative during times of unusual weather, utility outage or other situation.
Contact the Management Office at 318.752.1455 with any questions. 

Have you seen our great new signage and logo?  Check it out...it is everywhere!

The all new Magnolia Belle trolley is now operating daily! The new route includes a stop in the lower level of the parking garage near JCrew and Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro! It operates until at least 30 minutes after closing each night too. Tell your customers, your employees and friends. It is easier now than ever to get around The Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets.

Updated 12/17/2014  3:53 PM CST WHM